Aegis Ukraine

„Aegis Ukraine“ is a compassionate and dedicated charity fund focused on providing vital assistance to the brave men and women of the Ukrainian military.

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Více o organizaci

As we are just starting, it is our belief that providing tailored assistance and resources to meet the unique needs of specific unit is the way to go. Our commitment is to work closely with them, ensuring they have the necessary equipment and supplies required to carry out their duties effectively.

We believe in empowering the unit to define their specific needs, as they possess the expertise to identify the resources essential to their operations. By focusing exclusively on their requests, we can ensure that our assistance has a direct and meaningful impact on their capabilities and success.

We believe a targeted approach is the best way to provide support for Ukrainian military. By listening to the requirements of one unit and working tirelessly to procure the necessary equipment, we hope to establish a close partnership with them. We understand that their needs may evolve over time, and we are committed to remaining flexible and adaptable in our support. If and when the time comes, that we're able to accumulate more resources, and fill all their requests, we will expand our operation, adhering to the model we envision.